Monday, February 2, 2009


What is the attraction women have with shoes? It's amazing how much a concept that seems so simple: where shoes to protect your feet, can evolve! Shoes are like an ADDICTION for many! So many varieties: sandals, booties, Pumps, boots, sneakers, etc. I myself love, love, LOVE shoes!

I ABSOLUTELY loveee this pair of sandals! Sold at, these Dulce Vita Dusty Hauraches consist of multi-colored leather straps. Something about the slight heel and minor stiched details makes me fall head-over-heels for these, literally!! ....Ahh ill be dreaming about these tonight...if only i could afford them=/ Well lets hope i can afford them in my dreams! Isn't it weird how some people spend their nights dreaming of scoring the winning goal or falling deeply in love with their dream man, and I'm off in the world of SHOES!

Sweet dreams, Abi

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